Abnormal sex organs on puppy

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In some cases pseudohermaphrodites , the sex chromosomes in these dogs match the sex of the gonads, but the genitals are abnormal. Complete blood cell count CBC and serum biochemistry were unremarkable. The penis of the dog has two specialized structures.

Abnormal sex organs on puppy

In the miniature Schnauzer it is inherited as an autosomal recessive trait with expression limited to XY males. It binds to its receptor on the Mullerian ducts, causing their regression.

Abnormal sex organs on puppy

Abnormal sex organs on puppy

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  1. Exploratory surgery may determine the extent to which your dog has ovarian or testicular tissue.

  2. Anatomical structures, histopathology, and karyotyping supported a diagnosis of female pseudo-hermaphrodite, hypothesized to be a result of in utero androgenization with consequential cloacal malformation.