All in the sex family

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Data limitations prevented us from identifying single sexual minority parents prior to Measures The main family structure variable, parental union status, is a cross-classification of a binary indicators of whether parents are married and their same-sex composition. Abstract The children of different-sex married couples appear to be advantaged on a range of outcomes relative to the children of different-sex cohabiting couples.

All in the sex family

Parent-rated health is a valuable indicator for understanding child overall health at the population level Eiser and Morse ; Stein , especially health disparities, and such binary coding is well-used in past studies Shrivastava et al. Model 1 included the dummy variables cross-classifying parental marriage and sex composition along with the demographic covariates, and Model 2 added the socioeconomic resource variables.

All in the sex family

All in the sex family

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  1. Yet, there is reason to believe that both same-sex couples who are married and those who are cohabiting fall in between different-sex married and cohabiting couples given that marriage provides less of a socioeconomic boost for same-sex couples than different-sex ones. Family structure, Marriage, Cohabitation, Same-sex families, Child health Introduction Children with different-sex married parents tend to have more positive developmental outcomes than children with different-sex cohabiting parents see Brown ; Manning and Lamb ; McLanahan and Percheski

  2. Because we pooled multiple years of data, we controlled year of survey centered at in all models. For example, children in same-sex families living in the northeast may experience less social stigma and greater access to community-based resources than their counterparts in other regions Hatzenbuehler et al.

  3. Neither mental health variable was measured in or Consider one of the first sets of national studies on children in same-sex families, which used data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health Add Health Wainright and Patterson ; Wainright et al.