Another word for sexual tension

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The sensate culture manifests and also serves the masturbatory personality. Such uses of the body as an instrument differ from masturbation in their motives but are like it in their moral character, since they violate the body insofar as it is a capacity for the self-giving which constitutes a communion of bodily persons. Hence, so-called trial marriage is self-defeating and unreasonable.

Another word for sexual tension

Various circumstances can require abstinence. Therefore, the treatment of such acts here should be studied in conjunction with their treatment in other chapters. Sexual tension is often palpable both to the parties involved and to those around them.

Another word for sexual tension

Another word for sexual tension

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  1. Moreover, not all sins which intentionally violate the marital good are mortal, since mortal sin requires not only grave matter but sufficient reflection and consent. Besides, just as sexual immorality damages civil society, so it also weakens the body of Christ insofar as that body is a visible human community: