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Our Constitution differs so substantially, as far as the present issue is concerned, from that of the United States of America that the majority judgment in Bowers can really offer us no assistance in the construction and application of our own Constitution. Yet it is impossible to consider the confirmation of the orders relating to the inclusion of sodomy in the relevant schedules to the CPA and the Security Officers Act apart from the order relating to the offence of sodomy itself.

Anr lesbian

These are the criminal forms by means of which anal intercourse with a woman, without her consent, is punished. While refraining from any comment, one way or the other, on the constitutional validity of the age limits or differential age limits prescribed in section 14 of the Sexual Offences Act, it must be pointed out that its provisions do protect persons below a certain age against both heterosexual and homosexual acts of a prescribed nature being performed with them.

Anr lesbian

Anr lesbian

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  1. The common-law offence could have been declared constitutionally invalid in one case and the statutory provision in another, but both in the same High Court. Fortunately, for the reasons already given,9 [5] we are able in the particular circumstances of this case to consider the constitutional validity of the common-law offence of sodomy itself.

  2. But the harm imposed by the criminal law is far more than symbolic. Our society has a poor record of seeking to regulate the sexual expression of South Africans.

  3. Compounding that effect is the implicit message conveyed by the exclusion, that gays and lesbians, unlike other individuals, are not worthy of protection. The enforcement of the private moral views of a section of the community, which are based to a large extent on nothing more than prejudice, cannot qualify as such a legitimate purpose.