Anthropology of sex and gender ppts lecture notes

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A cross-cultural study of the variation that exists in the very definition of sex and gender categories, as well as in the behavior associated with specific individuals within those categories, raises a number of significant and provocative questions about the nature of gender-related behavior and about our society's views regarding sex and gender. Feminism is the belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes and the social movements organized around that belief.

Anthropology of sex and gender ppts lecture notes

Men delivered the most important resources to the group, such as food from hunting or land from warfare, and became powerful by controlling the distribution of these resources. Once we explore the variety of socially constructed gender categories and behavior, the course will turn to a consideration of the analytical and methodological requirements that need to be considered before the topic of gender-related behavior can be approached scientifically. The course begins by distinguishing between sex and gender and by questioning the biological basis of gender-related behaviors.

Anthropology of sex and gender ppts lecture notes

Anthropology of sex and gender ppts lecture notes

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  1. Many people believe, for example, that men are inherently more aggressive and violent than women and that women are naturally more nurturing than men?

  2. What does this variation have to say, for example, about the biological vs. The course will adopt an explicit materialist, scientific approach to the study of gender-related behavior.

  3. Do a disproportionate amount of housework Earn less on average than their male peers at work Remain more likely to live in poverty Introduction to Sociology: In the United States we tend to classify people as being male or female, but other societies have different classification systems hijras and berdaches for example and people are treated differently based on the norms associated with that system.