Appealing to the opposite sex

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In "The Second Book of Jobe", kleptomaniac devisor Belphegor ends up downloading a copy of his own personality into a cloned female drow body based on Jobe's "drow formula" and DNA. The opposite of fatigue, the "warmed-up" condition, brought on by a certain amount of activity after rest, is a case in point.

Appealing to the opposite sex

They're variously described as wives or daughters. This was done by an ascended being and was a complete surprise to the scientist. She's a genetic duplicate made of a tissue sample, entirely against his will.

Appealing to the opposite sex

Appealing to the opposite sex

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  1. Bison Vega in Japan, or simply "Dictator" in international discussions , meant to serve as one of numerous backup vessels for him due to the inevitable Psycho Power-induced burnout of his body. The Weekenders plays this trope straight when Tino's friends suggest girls for him to date and one of them is an exact copy of himself aside from a different hairstyle and of course the fact that she is a girl.