Arctic pcbs indigenous sex ratios

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The Aleut have long relied on the resources of the Bering Sea, including fish, sea lions and seals, and many people still maintain a subsistence lifestyle that includes fishing and hunting. Dramatic decline of male births in indigenous communities tied to industrial pollution By Terri Hansen Today correspondent Story Published:

Arctic pcbs indigenous sex ratios

Tribal members were first baffled, and then aghast following the realization that yes, they had enough girls for three baseball teams, but not enough boys for even one team. This means that PCBs also accumulate via the food chain: An accidental catalyst release from the Imperial Oil facility in had prompted Imperial Oil to sample their homes.

Arctic pcbs indigenous sex ratios

Arctic pcbs indigenous sex ratios

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  1. Particularly striking, says Ecojustice Canada, who commissioned the study, is the staggering amount of toxic pollutants released. They could not even conceive what was happening, least of all in their tiny community.

  2. Municipalities that use the Hudson River as a drinking water source carefully monitor the water for PCBs, and there are no detectable levels in the water supplies. However, a recent study by Bjerregaard et al.

  3. Separate analyses of indigenous populations in Alaska and Greenland gave similar results and similar sex ratios were found among Greenland Inuit in and today. Instead, studies are undertaken of groups who have been exposed to a chemical, and if they suffer from more cancers than would be expected at normal levels, this may indicate that the chemical was a carcinogen.

  4. The studies linked the skewed sex ratios with human exposures to PCBs and other persistent organic chemicals. In the same way, PCBs accumulate in women and pass on to their infants through breast milk.