Aroma therapy candles for sex

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Whatever scent you choose should best reflect your relationship and desires. Cinnamon Lydeke Bosch Almost everyone besides evil people and assholes would agree that cinnamon is one of the most pleasant aromas on the planet.

Aroma therapy candles for sex

The lavish candle made by Voluspa comes with two wicks, one for each of you, signifying partnership, and screaming sex. Other flowers with reputed aphrodisiac effects include violets, orchids, and geraniums.

Aroma therapy candles for sex

Aroma therapy candles for sex

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  1. Vanilla is a natural aphrodisiac the simultaneously induces euphoria and relaxation. This candle is also made with hints of sage and vanilla, two other scents ideal for creating a calming atmosphere.

  2. Others are made to burn at the ideal temperature for wax play so that you can drizzle hot wax along your lover's body and vice versa while only providing the most delicious kind of pain. Other flowers with reputed aphrodisiac effects include violets, orchids, and geraniums.

  3. It's molded in a traditional candle jar and laced with the scent of roses paired with black currant leaves. Or, if there's a specific mood you want to set, from romantic, to relaxing, to kinky, opt for one larger high-quality candle.