Astral sex as a religious practice

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You could ALSO be an atheist and a mage. Incubus and Succubus If she was to take the path of self empowerment, she would no longer be a sitting duck for attacks of this kind.

Astral sex as a religious practice

I look on this as confirmation of my great conviction of the eternal life of the spirit and do not seek them out in any way, shape or form. Some folks whose main problem is back-biting, jealousy, and gossip will benefit from working for protection from gossip before they go on to other magical acts. But don't wait longer than three weeks.

Astral sex as a religious practice

Astral sex as a religious practice

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  1. Outside of the field of religion, the term often is used to refer to writings or statements of dubious authenticity.

  2. However, this should not be interpreted as an attempt to overshadow any indigenous African traditions.

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