Best yoga positions for sex

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Try to touch your forehead to the mat, but you can also rest your head on a block or pillow. For yoga newbies who want to give the sex position a whirl, it might be a good idea to hold onto a bed poster or another sturdy object while you attempt to stand on one leg. Lie facedown on bed.

Best yoga positions for sex

Relax every part of your body from your face to your fingers and toes. With an exhale, bend your knees up toward your stomach.

Best yoga positions for sex

Best yoga positions for sex

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  1. This pose helps you relax and learn to let go of stress. This is a small sample size and only one study, but the connection between yoga and a better sex life is promising.

  2. Hold the pose for 5 seconds. One-Legged Pigeon Eka Pada Rajakapotasana There are many variations of Pigeon , and all of them are great for stretching and opening up your hips.