Black label ads advertise on humor n sex

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It certainly created a PR nightmare for VW, which had to fight strenuously to convince people it wasn't involved. Remember Griff Rhys Jones advertising Vauxhall's sexy VX sports car, wearing turquoise underpants and a fake ginger beard?

Black label ads advertise on humor n sex

But with direct marketing you are free to target a specific audience, which, in theory, should make it easier to be funny. Though trying to communicate a serious issue, the ads came across as smutty, especially as many of the posters were carried in male toilets.

Black label ads advertise on humor n sex

Black label ads advertise on humor n sex

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  1. The Ford Sport Ka viral that showed a cat being decapitated by a car sunroof is widely believed to have been approved by the company, even though it denies any involvement.