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He threatened to shoot first me then himself if I ever put my foot over his threshold again. It has a happy ending, of sorts, and one which is scheduled to hit bookshops and cinemas now that Hollywood has caught wind of the story. Genetic throwbacks were not unheard of but if there was ever a wrong place and wrong time for this phenomenon, it was apartheid South Africa.

Black mom and white boy sex

Sandra's father wept and tried to explain to her about the laws which said she would have to attend a school for black or coloured children. At the first sight of Sandra no one, not the nurse, her mother, father or neighbours would admit the obvious.

Black mom and white boy sex

Black mom and white boy sex

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  1. She entered the world in , a beautiful baby by all accounts, who could be expected to grow up in a close-knit family amid mines of gold and forests of pine.

  2. Born to a conservative Afrikaner family, Sandra's fate was to not be what she was supposed to be. Three years ago the Johannesburg Sunday Times found her in a township on the East Rand and arranged a tearful reunion at a nursing home with her mother.

  3. The publicity galvanised a campaign to find Sandra a house of her own, culminating in last month's ceremony in Leachfield, and the story is on its way to a wider audience. Evicted from their town to make way for whites, Petrus turned drunk and violent and Sandra, destitute, placed the children with social welfare, the hardest decision of her life, she says.

  4. Billed as a true story of love, betrayal and reconciliation, the working title gets to the point: