Bleach to determine sex of baby

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Good luck let me know: Bleach is a highly toxic chemical that's particularly harmful to pregnant women.

Bleach to determine sex of baby

Good luck let me know: I did it nd it fizzed like sprite nd then bubbled so much it overflowed the cus.. This is the hormone detected in a standard pregnancy test, and it's also supposedly what makes the bleach bubble when it comes in contact with a pregnant woman 's urine.

Bleach to determine sex of baby

Bleach to determine sex of baby

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  1. Lol FiirstTiimeMommy2b May Permalink My ultrasounds say girl but bleach test, says boy lol I did it and mine foamed up and it over flowed the cup haha weird! If the urine doesn't change or only fizzes slightly, there's no baby in their immediate future.

  2. But the problem with the bleach pregnancy test? Bleach believers state that the chemical reacts to a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin—HCG—which is one of the first signs that a woman is pregnant.