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Sex reassignment has been the focus of considerable media attention recently, as increasing numbers of people feel able to talk frankly about their personal experiences with gender dysphoria. The first decade of the twenty-first century has displayed an ever increasing fixation with vampires, from the recent spate of phenomenally successful books, films, and television programmes, to the return of vampire-like style on the catwalk.

Body changing changing clothes culture dress he s sex

Unique in its field, this intriguing and informative anthropological approach to the body and dress is an essential read for students of Anthropology, Anthropology of Dress, Sociology, Fashion and Textiles, Culture and Dress, Body and Culture and Cultural Studies. Griggs' perspicacious and nuanced insights on gender are relevant to everyone, male and female, not just to transsexuals and academics.

Body changing changing clothes culture dress he s sex

Body changing changing clothes culture dress he s sex

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  1. Consent is still important , regardless of how confusing many supposedly find it. Due to her personal experiences, she is uniquely placed to explore the tragedy of gender, as well as its comedy, as she has privileged insight into the different way the sexes are treated.

  2. While highlighting how the gender identity of transsexuals relates to hormonal and surgical changes in the body as well as to changes in dress, the book investigates the pressures and motivations to conform to expected gender roles, and the ways in which these are affected by social, educational, and professional status.

  3. Amidst this hype, there exists a small, dedicated community that has been celebrating their interest in the vampire since the early s. This lively work explores the rich history of Jewish dress, examining how Jews and non-Jews alike debated and legislated Jewish attire in different places, as well as outlining the big debates on dress within the Jewish community today.

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