Boy and girl having sex together

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So if I was choosing a church, I'd choose a genuine, fundamental, full Gospel Bible church, if I was choosing one to put my family in. This is a hard pill for many to swallow.

Boy and girl having sex together

I'll separate and leave you. Don't have nothing in your mind that bothers your faith, because if anything's there, you can't go no further than right there; you stop right there. For example, to increase your odds of having a boy, make love standing up or doggy style, and be sure to climax first.

Boy and girl having sex together

Boy and girl having sex together

But I got to be ecstatic. If I am not quite with you, I won't be ready with God. He'll west for Christian character. Boy and girl having sex together

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  1. Prior to ovulation the mucus is more acidic which is not ideal for sperm and only the fittest can survive. So you shouldn't do it until you thoroughly pray through.