Breathing exercises for tantric sex

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This can extend all the way from hand caressing body into sexual penetration. Being able to do this solo empowers you to feel more sensations and a deeper level of engagement with your partner.

Breathing exercises for tantric sex

However, the most powerful experience is in utilising those techniques to dive deeply inside. The more you breathe, the more you feel. Second, the slow pace of Tantric lovemaking will allow you to explore the sensual range of your bodies and minds.

Breathing exercises for tantric sex

Breathing exercises for tantric sex

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  1. People who are enjoying deeper sexual union feel more alive, vital and content. Same with Tantric sex versus a quickie.

  2. During lovemaking come back to this attunement with your breath, allowing deeper sensations to flow within the body. Not just more sex.

  3. Men tend to desire sex more often and with more variation, in an attempt to meet the need for deeper intimacy. Giving you space to open and unwind and register the feelings more deeply.