Can a woman pee while having sex

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In addition to the bladder and urethra being located right in front of the vagina, there is also a little area of tissue inside the vagina called the "g-spot", or Grafenburg Spot. If you do not currently masturbate, however, you might find that it is a great way to learn more about your body and what types of sensations your body responds to.

Can a woman pee while having sex

If you find that g-spot stimulation, either by yourself or with a partner , does not feel very good, that's also not uncommon. Often times, however, ejaculation happens when the person with a vagina is about to orgasm and feels that sensation of having to urinate, instead of stopping or holding back, they continue sexual activity and remain relaxed, or continue sexual activity and bear down as if urinating and release the fluid. If their bladder is full, that will result in also urinating of course, but if their bladder was empty, and something comes out, then they can know it is ejaculate.

Can a woman pee while having sex

Can a woman pee while having sex

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  1. Not all women experience ejaculation, and for those that do, it does not happen every time, or always with orgasm.