Can you have sex in a hot tub

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Can you have sex in a hot tub

So all of that bacteria from all of these different sources is still hanging around in that water. We are the generation that has grown up on an ample dose of Bollywood and Hollywood movies, which have made cosy times in the water look fun and well, extremely enticing!

Can you have sex in a hot tub

Can you have sex in a hot tub

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  1. Plus, more people tend to skip using protection i. Plus, this water source that may have bacteria present is pushed forcefully into the vagina, anus, penis etc.

  2. Sorry to burst your bubble literally but like so many things that look way better on the screen than they are in real life, having sex in the water should not be something in your bucket list and we have seven genuine reasons why.

  3. In summary, nobody can tell you the effectiveness of using condoms underwater, since condoms are not normally tested under these conditions. Here are some ways to get wet and wild without going below the surface.