Caribean sex tours for white women

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As the night unfolded and the dancing increased, paranoia circled. Slowly, she took a seat opposite another example of tragedy — a young Gambian guy ready to spend a night trading Dalasi for his body. We were two single white Western women of an age that could no longer be considered our twenties and we fit the profile of Sex Tourists perfectly…save for our complete unwillingness to participate in such a vile form of exploitation.

Caribean sex tours for white women

To be clear, this article is not about the women and children who are victims of sex trafficking—it is the about men who by choice or necessity sell their time and bodies to tourist women of all colors, shapes, and ages. Over the past decade, I have been researching the increase in female sex tourism in underdeveloped and poorer countries. It is prostitution, but often only the seller, and not the buyer, is aware of that.

Caribean sex tours for white women

Caribean sex tours for white women

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  1. There is still a tendency to focus on the men as exploiting tourist women economically, emotionally or sexually, rather than being exploited by them.