Caster semenya sex test results

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Those who think it's a simple case of a naked parade, as was the norm when gender testing first happened in sport in the s, are much mistaken, but anatomy is the obvious starting point. The IAAF has got it wrong.

Caster semenya sex test results

It had been widely assumed that Semenya had been waiting in limbo for 11 months for the results of gender verification tests carried out on her following her victory in Berlin. The South African teenager ought to be shown more sensitivity than was afforded to the Indian runner Santhi Soundarajan pictured above , who attempted suicide in after failing gender tests and being stripped of the silver medal she won in the m at the Asian Games. In simple ish terms, there's a condition called Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome , which occurs when a part of the Y chromosome doesn't do what it should.

Caster semenya sex test results

Caster semenya sex test results

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  1. Female athletes affected must take medication for six months before they can compete, and then maintain a lower testosterone level.