Chinese calendar to determine sex of baby

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The algorithm for computing this special age, the Chinese lunar age, is defined by only two simple rules. Since the years are displayed in sequence, we should find it pretty quickly.

Chinese calendar to determine sex of baby

Well, to put it more accurately, that fetus is most likely a boy — namely, it is more probable to be a boy than to be a girl. Well, they are nine in number, and I will list them below. The Chinese lunar age of a person at a certain moment is equal with the number of Chinese lunar New Year Eves that have passed since the birth of that person, plus one lunar year.

Chinese calendar to determine sex of baby

Chinese calendar to determine sex of baby

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  1. We have to look at the legendary table that is Gregorian-translated for the year , and follow these three steps:

  2. The easiest way is to discover, firstly, the year when she was born: For instance, in Chinese culture where the parents are eventually restricted to 2 kids per family, precisely choosing the gender of the offspring was highly significant.