Cholerics of the opposite sex

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Both want to create and maintain a stable family life and they could also take on complementary household tasks. He went further to explain that extroversion refers to individuals whose attention is strongly directed but not exclusively outward from themselves to other people and to the world around them. They weren't prudish or moralistic in sexual matters, and considered a healthy sex life to be a balance between excessive indulgence and excessive abstinence or sel-denial; both of these extremes were considered to be equally injurious to life and health.

Cholerics of the opposite sex

Their activity almost always has a purpose because they are by nature result-oriented. Cholerics are both direct and firm when responding to others.

Cholerics of the opposite sex

Cholerics of the opposite sex

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  1. Freud labelled this the foreplay stage. Both of them will look at each other with admiration — the Sanguine will admire analytical and rational mind of the Choleric, and the choleric will admire curiosity and width of knowledge of the Sanguine.

  2. It sometimes emits a strong or embarrassing odor, not to mention various abnormal discharges, or leucorrhea.