Club super sex in montreal

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A thoroughly professional establishment that wants you to feel welcome and make your stay is an enjoyable experience. From dildos to plugs, or from vibrators to massagers, if it exists, they probably have it. On the corner of Rue Ste-Catherine and St.

Club super sex in montreal

Although fairly small compared to some of the other sex stores on Rue Ste-Catherine, the Sexe Shop makes up in an extremely welcoming atmosphere. With 18 different cabins and a stock of movies of all tastes to choose from, it is a one-stop shop for anybody looking for a private viewing.

Club super sex in montreal

Club super sex in montreal

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  1. Customers are even invited to relax with a soothing massage from some of the most talented in Montreal.

  2. Many a visitor is turned into a regular in this nudey strip house, better known for booth performances than stage shows.