Colorado proof of sex elk harvest

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A violation of this law occurs where someone fails to reasonably attempt to take care of edible portions of a game animal. Accessing private property without previous permission of the owner is a trespassing offense, even if you are retrieving downed game that only ran or flew onto private property after being shot. He looked to see if we left "enough" evidence of sex and we didn't on this one.

Colorado proof of sex elk harvest

This is a crucial point to understand: We heard later that day that Fish and Game was trying to catch an outfitter in the area that had a reputation of shooting bulls and throwing the skulls unto trees until winter and using a cow tag. The 1 violation overall issued by the CPW is for fishing without a license.

Colorado proof of sex elk harvest

Colorado proof of sex elk harvest

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  1. These defenses usually center around the measures that hunters take to prevent trespassing. You don't need any evidence of sex on an either sex tag.