Cost of treatment for sex offenders

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Overall, the cost of keeping sex offenders in treatment costs more than five times what it does to keep offenders incarcerated, reports the AP, and this doesn't include all the legal expenses incurred when committing someone. Develop healthy sexual attitudes and behaviors. Participants address personal accountability, relapse prevention, and possible aid to victims.

Cost of treatment for sex offenders

The first would determine if commitment is needed; the second would determine terms of commitment. She sponsored a bill last year that would have put only the most dangerous offenders in the program; others would be less restricted.

Cost of treatment for sex offenders

Cost of treatment for sex offenders

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  1. I got tired of trying. But the civil commitment programs are setting the states back by hundreds of millions of dollars annually and creating a problem for legislators.

  2. A court later convicted him in that case of third-degree criminal sexual conduct and kidnapping. Republican and Democratic lawmakers have pointed out that extra space is needed for incoming patients.