Crazy sex at bachelorette party

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Whose Baby Is This? These people are hired just to do their jobs, but sometimes they get sucked into the drama.

Crazy sex at bachelorette party

After watching her friend disappear for a moment with a random guy, this woman thinks that her bestie may need to take a trip to Maury because the newlywed husband may not be the father. So I was co-maid-of-honor with our other best friend and over all the months leading up to the wedding sucked hard. He had a black G-string and these big black boots with all kinds of silver buckles.

Crazy sex at bachelorette party

Crazy sex at bachelorette party

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  1. He went from marrying the woman he loves, ends up miserable and alone with their child. Sends her to Spain for one week with five of her best friends so he can prepare the wedding, and he pays for every single one of them, hotel, food, everything.

  2. Anyway, turns out the guy roofied her drink we didn't know it at the time , tried to roofie mine bought me a drink that I had no intention of drinking because he was a creep , and swarmed around all the girls at my party for the rest of the night until I finally convinced security to kick him out. It was a very weird experience.