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And even in our culture, only a few nations, and none south of a certain line of latitude, have a majority of approvers. Four Dimensions of Marraige That something else may be good or bad—it may be just as good as a square, or it may be less good—but it's not a square.

Debate same sex marriage mp3

That is the essential reason for being a Catholic. If you are one of these people, and if you actually practice the philosophy you preach, then please do not invite me to your house for dinner, for you must believe that it is impossible to draw a real and absolute line between people and animals, in which case you may be either a vegetarian or a cannibal—two tastes I do not share. Notice how dependent this argument is on the old notion of "nature" and what is "natural.

Debate same sex marriage mp3

Debate same sex marriage mp3

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Immediately redefining it would be sensible. And that is the overdue summon for Catholics to compensate same-sex marriage, even if they have nothing else about the brainchild. For there are no animals or essences, i.
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  1. The whole question of homosexual marriage depends on just one thing: It is true that we can change our thoughts, and change our definitions of things, of anything at all.

  2. Men and women are "hard-wired" with different instincts and different talents, and children need both. We could say there were two kinds of football, and one of them used to be called baseball.

  3. The issue is not just psychological, or scientific, or religious, or ethical, but philosophical, in fact metaphysical.