Delaware county sex offenders ohio

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The tiers are as follows: Marvin is in charge of sex offender registries for the county. Brian Joslyn is a compassionate Columbus defense attorney and will guide you along every step of the way, and ensure that you are well aware of the laws regarding sex offender registration.

Delaware county sex offenders ohio

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Delaware county sex offenders ohio

Delaware county sex offenders ohio

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  1. In Delaware County, offenders must physically walk into the sheriff's office to fill out a packet of information to register. There is now one deputy who is specifically in charge of checking in on sex offenders.

  2. Different Tiers of Sex Offender Registration There are three different types of sex offenders in Ohio, and they are classified in tiers based on the offense they have committed.

  3. That's how we're able to catch them, where as before, they were slipping through the cracks," Marvin said. The tiers are as follows: