Depressions affect on sex drive

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Have a Medication Chat Granted, talking about depression and sex to your doctor could feel awkward. While depression may dull your interest in sex, many drugs used to treat depression come with their own slew of sexual side effects. Pump Up Your Heart Rate!

Depressions affect on sex drive

Finding ways to relax as much as possible may help reduce symptoms of both conditions. Lube Up Women who are having a difficult time becoming aroused because of depression or depression treatment may experience vaginal dryness. Abuse of alcohol, drugs, or both, is also associated with increased risk for low libido and depression.

Depressions affect on sex drive

Depressions affect on sex drive

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  1. Get Down to the Root of Your Problem Despite some antidepressants sexual side effects, your best option for overcoming depression and its negative effects on sex is to get treatment. Women may be quicker than men to dismiss their own symptoms, instead of seeking support.

  2. If you prefer to try an at-home approach, consider working on your communication skills and making more time for stress-relieving activities.