Do actors and actresses really have sex

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Pre-Game Like any scene, sex scenes involve planning ahead. Immoral Tales — If you have a weak stomach, we suggest avoiding this movie. A couple of characters in this movie take it all the way on the big screen.

Do actors and actresses really have sex

Want to hear something ever more disturbing? Nymphomaniac — Shia LaBeouf is definitely not a stranger when it comes to baring it all for the cameras, however, he took it a step further with his role in Nymphomaniacs.

Do actors and actresses really have sex

Do actors and actresses really have sex

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  1. Blue Movie — This was one of the first movies in the United States to feature explicit and unsimulated scenes.

  2. Otto; Or Up with Dead People — If you want to watch one of the craziest and weirdest zombie flicks out there, then this is the one.