Do bladder infections cause painful sex

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Diagnosis A physician will also ask about the patient's medical history and carry out a pelvic examination, to try to identify the cause of the pain. Desensitization therapy Learning some techniques can help relax the vaginal muscles and decrease pain levels.

Do bladder infections cause painful sex

Telling the doctor when and where the pain occurs during the examination may help identify the cause. Antibacterial vaginal douches, spermicides and certain oral antibiotics may cause this change in vaginal bacteria.

Do bladder infections cause painful sex

Do bladder infections cause painful sex

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  1. Telling your doctor about any known abnormality in your urinary tract or the possibility that you're pregnant is also important. Women with vaginismus may also experience difficulty with gynecological examinations and tampon insertion.

  2. Non-cancerous tumors that grow on the wall of the uterus interstitial cystitis: But adult women tend to get UTIs and the accompanying uncomfortable UTI symptoms — like painful urination, lower abdominal cramping, and low back pain — more than anyone else.