Does anal sex pop your cherry

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A woman who had intercourse only a few times in the past may have a normal looking hymen. Masturbation , using tampons, and even rigorous activity like horse riding, dancing, riding a bike, and other sports may stretch the hymen before vaginal sex and can cause rupture or tearing.

Does anal sex pop your cherry

But other times, you might not even notice when it happens Can my hymen be torn without losing my virginity? Because the hymen normally covers only part of the vagina, it is very possible for a woman to use tampons for years and still have an intact hymen. In extreme cases the hymen covers the entire vagina, and must be broken to allow menstruation.

Does anal sex pop your cherry

Does anal sex pop your cherry

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  1. The hymen is a poor indicator of virginity, since a non virgin can have a hymen, and a virgin can have no trace of a hymen either because she never had much of one or because some activity has destroyed it.

  2. In very rare cases the hymen is so tough that intercourse can't occur until a gynecologist aids in breaking it.