Does sex increase athletic performance

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A specific checklist and an ad-hoc algorithm with the screening questions were designed and pilot tested within a subset of studies before implementation. This is a different story compared to previous decades. Finally, a search of theses and dissertations databases was performed.

Does sex increase athletic performance

Table 1 Details of search strategy used in the current systematic review. Also, the gray literature was mined using Google Scholar.

Does sex increase athletic performance

Does sex increase athletic performance

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  1. We used a string made up of the following key words with proper Boolean connectors: In addition, to broaden our research, the references section of the selected articles was searched by hand to try and identify other relevant articles.

  2. Table 1 Details of search strategy used in the current systematic review. However, one-night stands could alter a player's performance because these emotional situations wear you out more than physical ones.

  3. Some differences on the effects on sports activity could be hypothesized when masturbation or sexual intercourse are considered. Further, to identify as many potentially relevant manuscripts as possible, a gray literature search using Google Scholar was performed.

  4. The first scientific publications date back several decades, when some psychological and physiological aspects related to sexual activity were considered in the sport environment Anshel,

  5. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. There is a need to clarify the effects of sexual activity on competition performance.