Effect of sex on the brain

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Recent studies have suggested that the male genotype is a strong risk factor for impaired wound healing in the elderly []. Cell Immunol ; 1:

Effect of sex on the brain

Horm Metab Res ; 40 2: Many studies have been performed on the effects of sex hormones on the specific immune response. Sex-specific alterations in neutrophil apoptosis:

Effect of sex on the brain

Effect of sex on the brain

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  1. The experiment confirmed the researcher's hypothesis that individuals in a neutral aroused state were more likely to rate a target as attractive than an unaroused individual. Am J Reprod Immunol ; 29 4:

  2. Variations in peripheral blood levels of immunoreactive tumor necrosis factor alpha TNFalpha throughout the menstrual cycle and secretion of TNFalpha from the human corpus luteum. One is kept behind the counter at the gas station or supermarket because of its well-known harmful effects; the other is available virtually anywhere.