Effects of pre marital sex

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Students who engage in premarital sex run a high risk of contracting one of the many venereal diseases rampant today, as well as losing their fertility. The Bible spells out in numerous passages the inherent dignity and value in each person.

Effects of pre marital sex

Abbey, asserts that men perceive women as being more interested in having sex with their male partner than the women actually are. Although these cross- 8 sectional results do not demonstrate causality, they suggest that beliefs about alcohol's effects may have encouraged these students' to seek out sexual partners to engage in premarital sex.

Effects of pre marital sex

Effects of pre marital sex

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  1. Have you ever seen the commercials with attractive young people who are talking about having herpes? Sexuality is only sexuality for all other animals, but human beings have restricted forms of sexuality like pre-marital sexuality and extra-marital sexuality.

  2. Yes, they are free — as free as a ship at sea without a rudder. Individuals who start their sexual activity at a young age are more likely to report higher rates of STIs, drug and alcohol abuse, multiple sexual partners and to engage in unprotected sex Dickson et al.

  3. Moshi is the capital of the Kilimanjaro region of northern Tanzania. The most effective way of defending premarital lovemaking is spreading awareness of healthy sexuality among children.

  4. These stages apply, to varying degrees, to groups of people including Undergraduate students in Nigeria. Much depends on the network of relationship that tie people together in patterns of meaningful communication and influence Strang and Tuma,