Effects of sex trafficking on economy

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First, political instability as a root cause will be considered with a particular focus on the historical background following the collapse of Communism. Within the next 10 years, crime experts expect human trafficking to surpass drug and arms trafficking in its incidence, cost to human well-being, and profitability to criminals Schauer and Wheaton, Prostitution and Human Trafficking, Springer, , p.

Effects of sex trafficking on economy

Secondly, the first chapter looks at the political ramifications of conflict on human trafficking. Because freedom of choice and economic gain are at the heart of productivity, human trafficking impedes national and international economic growth.

Effects of sex trafficking on economy

Effects of sex trafficking on economy

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  1. The goal of this paper is to provide a common ground upon which policymakers and researchers can collaborate to decrease the incidence of trafficking in humans.

  2. Individuals specifically trafficked for sex have described facing stigma and other negative responses during and after their trafficking experience, especially from friends and family members.