Else everybody had has more sex than

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Couples need to figure out their sexual needs and wants, communicate them and perhaps put down their phones for a while. Jean Twenge, professor of psychology, San Diego State University who wrote a much-cited paper for the Archives of Sexual Behavior about the downturn, says one big reason is marriage—but not for the reason everybody thinks. This may reflect the more child-centric family lives that people are leading and the stress of modern parenting.

Else everybody had has more sex than

Gay men reported having an orgasm 89 percent of the time, with bisexual men following up close behind at 88 percent. This is surprisingly high when you think about lifelong singles, including some disabled people, nuns and priests.

Else everybody had has more sex than

Else everybody had has more sex than

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  1. Teen sex, which is monitored by the Centers for Disease Control, is flat and has been on a downward trend since