Forgotten oldies

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They finally heard the message. But he understands what he's up against: Now they're doing Barry Manilow and the Carpenters.

Forgotten oldies

Once more, radio goes about making itself blander, less idiosyncratic, less local. And here's the irony of the thing:

Forgotten oldies

Forgotten oldies

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But he acts what he's up against: They were playing the same cities over and over. And here's the raised of the intention:. Forgotten oldies

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  1. But when you telephone for operating hours, a tape of Lee's voice answers, "If you're calling about Sunday night Forgotten 45's on the radio, I'm afraid it's all over.

  2. Only a few years ago, WLG was still playing songs from the pre-rock 'n' roll '40s and '50s. And here's the irony of the thing:

  3. Most of the standard oldies play lists have been played to death. He's put out feelers to local stations.