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Testosterone regulates nerve structure and function The studies of Meusburger and Keast [ 5 ] and Keast et al [ 6 ] have provided elegant demonstrations on the potential role of androgens in maintaining the structure and function of many pelvic ganglion neurons. In addition, recent studies have demonstrated that penile erection in rats, elicited by stimulation of the medial preoptic area, is testosterone-dependent [ 12 ].

Free miss california sex video

Introduction The health of the penile vascular tissues and the perineal and ischiocavernosus muscles that support the proximal penis is essential for normal erectile function [ 1 — 4 ]. The role of androgens in regulating erectile physiology in humans is of considerable importance and merits continued investigation. Conclusions The new clinical paradigm is evidence-based and represents one of the first attempts to address a logical management plan for men with concomitant hormonal and sexual health concerns.

Free miss california sex video

Free miss california sex video

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  2. In contrast, a significant and accumulating body of knowledge suggests that androgens play an important role in erectile physiology in humans. In addition, this new paradigm may serve as a basis for stimulating constructive debate regarding the use of testosterone in men, and to promote new, innovative basic and clinical research to further understand the underlying mechanisms of androgen action in restoring erectile physiology.