Greatest sex scene in hollywood history

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This scene is total proof of that. The sex scenes between the two have major passion and are totally worth the watch.

Greatest sex scene in hollywood history

So when they each think that the other was just using their marriage as a cover, their conflict is less about survival, and more about the challenge of winning. Her relationship with her partner, who is much older than her, is so honest, beautiful, and tender — a quiet moment before an absolute storm of a movie.

Greatest sex scene in hollywood history

Greatest sex scene in hollywood history

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  1. I am a man. There are so many incredible sex scenes, I had a hard time just picking one, but I will say that the final scene is so beautiful that it brought me to tears — and it's a handjob!

  2. Check, check, and check! The film explores the epic romance between two cowboys, played by Jake Gyllenhal and the late Heath Ledger.