Harmfull substances in adult sex toys

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This is what happened to my first sex toy, after four months it developed white mould INSIDE of it, despite me cleaning it thoroughly after each use. This is particularly important if you are sharing sex toys with others or using the same toy anally and vaginally.

Harmfull substances in adult sex toys

Just to add, if you are thinking about using something from around the house as a sex toy. Bacteria can then hide in your toy growing and spreading. So what can we do as consumers to protect our bodies?

Harmfull substances in adult sex toys

Harmfull substances in adult sex toys

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  1. So, based on the ability of TPR to harbor bacteria and the inability to confirm claims that a toy is made of medical grade TPR, my opinion is that sex toys made from it are best avoided entirely, even if it is phthalates free.