Home made mechanical sex machines ideas

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Monopole electrodes have a cable going to each electrode. Works well, though it's a bit awkward, as the drill is long and difficult to maneuver with a toy attached. If you made it this far, you are obviously as perverted as I am.

Home made mechanical sex machines ideas

Most parallel shaft motors are face mount, mounting with typically four bolts into the face of the motor, the same end the output shaft is on. AC motors can certainly be used, but they are less efficient to control, and controls for them are more expensive. Check out Joanne's beginners guide to sex machines, for some kinky advice.

Home made mechanical sex machines ideas

Home made mechanical sex machines ideas

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  1. I looked at the various machines online and was not impressed. I'm looking for a Vac-U-Lock adapter with a hexagonal shaft on it, and can't seem to find one.