Housing re entering sex offenders wisconsin

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The law the Legislature passed this year that establishes the 1,foot rule for violent sex offenders also requires the state to release prisoners only to the county where they lived before, and allows a judge to rule that an offender being released from jail can live within a restricted area if there are no other options. The offender has established a residence prior to the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter.

Housing re entering sex offenders wisconsin

Neither the issuance of a citation nor the imposition of forfeiture hereunder shall preclude the city from seeking or obtaining any or all other legal and equitable remedies to prevent or remove a violation of this chapter. The initiative, launched in the fall of , created a SAFE Team of five former law enforcement officers who work 20 hours a week zeroing in on noncompliant offenders.

Housing re entering sex offenders wisconsin

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  1. Many courts, such as in California and Michigan , have found the laws to be unconstitutional for being too vague or too restrictive in impeding where offenders can live.

  2. Aside from work and therapy, he was allowed just eight hours out of his apartment each week, to grocery shop, do laundry and other chores.