How can i relax during sex

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Remember there is no rush or deadline to meet. Every woman has a different sensory threshold.

How can i relax during sex

You need to let her know gently that you can feel her discomfort and reassure her that your sole motivation is to help, not to humiliate. It is important to separate this experience from sex because the more relaxed she feels with touching and being touched in this phase, the more likely she is to remain relaxed when you escalate to genital touching in phase two.

How can i relax during sex

How can i relax during sex

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  1. Appreciate every moment in between. Instead, you focus on creating and experiencing sensation by taking turns exploring each other bodies.

  2. Rather, it is often a sweaty race to the finish in a pitch-black room while the only music being produced is coming from random, awkward bodily noises perforated with the odd grunt here and there. Remember there is no rush or deadline to meet.