How can i satisfy a woman sexually

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Explore Beyond the Usual Hot Spots Remember that you are more than just genitals; the body is filled with many nerve endings. Getty Images If your climaxes seem like a lot of work for not much payoff, the reasons could be physical or psychological, could be technique, or could be you just need a little help from some "friends.

How can i satisfy a woman sexually

If you are too shy to go to a brick-and-mortar store, turn on the private browser feature on your computer. Do something bold now and then, and sex will feel a lot more exciting. Use an erection ring with a vibrator or a vibrator externally on the penis; playing with a vibrator under the head at the frenulum is a good technique to increase the intensity of stimulation of the nerves that trigger orgasm.

How can i satisfy a woman sexually

How can i satisfy a woman sexually

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  1. Barnard says that the issues for which you would want to get medical advice are trouble getting aroused, difficulty getting an erection or maintaining one, and a general lack of sensation during arousal or orgasm.