How to decrease female sex drive

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Among these problems was low sex drive. The medications taken to treat headaches, depression or anxiety can also interfere with a woman's desire to slip between the sheets. These range from psychological factors, such as her self-esteem and mental health, to physical factors, such as her hormone levels and how well she's sleeping, Kavaler said.

How to decrease female sex drive

If the FDA decides the drug is safe and effective, it could soon find its way into bedrooms across the United States. Instead, the drug purportedly works by amping up the brain's levels of dopamine and serotonin — two chemicals known to induce sex-related feelings, such as motivation, appetite and desire. Women who use hormonal contraceptives, such as the pill or the patch, are more likely to have a decreased sex drive than women who don't use hormonal contraceptives, according to a study published in in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

How to decrease female sex drive

How to decrease female sex drive

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  1. The study, which found a link between higher levels of testosterone and decreased sex drive in women, also found that high-testosterone women were more likely to masturbate than low-testosterone women.

  2. Although Thaler's study didn't focus on how this increased vigilance about pain may affect a woman's desire to have sex, other studies have explored the relationship between pain and libido.

  3. One study , published in in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, looked at women with dyspareunia — a condition that results in recurrent genital pain during intercourse and that's estimated to affect 8 to 21 percent of women worldwide, according to the World Health Organization WHO.

  4. However, sexual desire is complicated, and some experts aren't sure that a pill is really the cure for an ailing female mojo. In fact, researchers have conducted dozens of studies exploring the many reasons why a woman might not feel like having sex.