How to film your wife sex

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Finding the right light will also help you avoid seeing every wrinkle and sag. Around the same time, she was a fight director on a theater production where characters shared both a slap and a kiss.

How to film your wife sex

If you are unsure, it may be better not to film yourself. You taking charge of filming could change this, as might being specific with your partner about ways to help each other feel present during filming.

How to film your wife sex

How to film your wife sex

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  1. This way you'll feel confident and ready for action. When it comes to camera mechanics, get a tripod so that the image is stable.

  2. They consulted legal experts on the definitions of consent and coercion. Advertisement If you do it right -- with thought, communication and planning -- you can capture a really good shag for years to come.

  3. When it comes to camera mechanics, get a tripod so that the image is stable. The other important element is in how you position the camera.