How to get rid of sex headaches

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Serotonin is an opiate-like chemical associated with a happy, positive feeling and reduced feelings of pain. Sometimes, orgasm headaches occur when a person is under intense emotional stress. Is the Sex Headache Cure an urban legend or an effective therapy?

How to get rid of sex headaches

What a Headache During Sex Could Mean A headache during sex could be a primary headache disorder that is not connected to any more serious medical condition at all. Migraines are genetic, and people susceptible to them are also more likely than the average person to develop other types of headaches.

How to get rid of sex headaches

How to get rid of sex headaches

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  1. What, if anything, makes your headaches worse? The exertion puts pressure on both the back and the neck, which can provoke a migraine in people prone to headaches.

  2. What are the alternatives to the primary approach you're suggesting? Found this, hope it helps x 1 like.