How to have sex under water

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Next time my wife goes to the United States of America, she is thinking of getting one of those 'hormone ring' contraceptives. Do you think the water could get inside me, Doctor? They know about special ways to help a female relax her vaginal muscles.

How to have sex under water

Well, away from Viagra there are two other oral tablets used to treat erectile dysfunction. And it still hurts whenever my husband enters me during sex, even when I am wet. But I am not so sure.

How to have sex under water

How to have sex under water

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  1. But provided the water is clean, that does not matter. As I expect you know, strokes 'cerebro-vascular accidents' are common in Jamaica, particularly among those who have 'pressure'.

  2. But I am not so sure. But you should go and see a doc, who can give you a good check-up to find out why you are having erection problems.