How to hhave better sex

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Splurge on something you'd normally never buy — like platform pumps — and wear them for a girls' night out. Journal of Sexual Research. Also, understand that the physical changes in your body mean that you'll need more time to get aroused and reach orgasm.

How to hhave better sex

This will give you a better sense of how much pressure, from gentle to firm, you should use. Such physical changes often mean that the intensity of youthful sex may give way to more subdued responses during middle and later life. But mix it up a little:

How to hhave better sex

How to hhave better sex

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  1. Preventing and treating eye disease As we age, problems with eyesight become more common. Tease yourself — and him.

  2. By understanding the crucial physical and emotional elements that underlie satisfying sex, you can better navigate problems if they arise.

  3. Use these freely to avoid painful sex — a problem that can snowball into flagging libido and growing relationship tensions.

  4. When you think about it, spending more time having sex isn't a bad thing; working these physical necessities into your lovemaking routine can open up doors to a new kind of sexual experience. Tell him how to turn you on.